Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let there Be Light

Last night as I was reading my book the room suddenly grew dark. Panic set in as I looked up at the ceiling light and realized I couldn't see a thing! I was blind! I cried out for help knowing no one would hear my call; I was home alone. I was now completely taken over with panic and I started shaking. The more I shook, the more I could see light! I stood up and shook my head back and forth (a bit of a head banging motion) I was now able to see everything around me again. I fell to my knees crying for joy. By this time my family returned to find me crumpled on the floor sobbing. As my daughter helped me to my feet she explained my temporary blindness (mind you she has no medical training whatsoever); I was calmed. She then led me to the bathroom, put a towel around my neck, and trimmed my bangs.

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