Sunday, March 7, 2010

So Much To Eat But So Little Time

When I got up this morning the first thing on my mind was what I would eat today. I sorta slept in and didn't go to the gym; thinking I'll just go outside to walk. The frost on the ground changed my mind so I watered the plants and thought of food instead, blueberry pancakes sounded so good. And coffee. Butter Toffee Coffee! I couldn't wait. But my mind raced to lunch and blue tortilla chips with melted pepper jack and cheddar on top and a baked potato, butter and sour cream on the side. I may need something carbonated to wash it down and Cherry Coke Zero would definitely fill the bill. I have been ignoring a chocolate malt in the freezer from a few days ago that calls me every time I open the door; this afternoon I think I will quiet it down.

My book club chose "Prize Winner from Defiance, Ohio" subtitled: How My Mother Raised Ten Kids on 25 Words or Less (woman in the 1950"/60"s wrote jingles for every contest imaginable) somewhat of a snore. While talking to one of my friends in the locker room the other morning about how blah the book is she said her son thought the movie was pretty good. The movie!! ...... so......... Lately I have to have popcorn while watching a movie (I knit too, but make sure my hands are clean) but it has to be real popcorn with grape seed oil and ground salt; but we were out and had to have the microwaved stuff. So needless to say I will be putting that on today's shopping list. By the way the movie wasn't too bad and I'm ready for the next meeting :)

I better get moving since I've used up about thirty minutes already and I've got a lot of eating to do today.