Tuesday, June 1, 2010

School's Almost Out for Summer!

I'm so glad school is almost over for the year. I've been asked to help "study" for the last time. I don't know about other parents but at this stage in the game I don't want to "study", but I do. I'd like to share my rather unorthodox ways of getting the correct answers.

First I try by making up a question using the whole statement but omitting one word. For example: Trees have green leaves. My question would be: Trees have green.....? I'm not that good making up questions, too much reading so I have other ways to get the answers out.

My next tactic is to begin to spell out the first word, than the second and third.... when that fails there is the slow, gentle whisper of the first syl.... then second la.... and finally the last ....ble of the answer. That usually works so the next move is rhyming words, and my favorite, charades! This is when I begin to enjoy helping out.

The buzz of her texting machine drew a "don't you dare " look from me. And I continued to coax answers.

We were muddling through the seven deadly sins. I'm making acronyms for another list and continuing with the charades. We were having too much fun, when I admitted that I thought I would be great in a game of charades. She agreed, but added, only if I was playing by myself and in front of a mirror. I think disrespect should have been on that sin list.

I was off the hook when the phone buzzed again and she went to a friend's to study chemistry.

This is Sickening

At about midnight I woke up and didn't feel right; it took me until 3:00am to get sick. I immediately felt better and went back to bed thinking that was the end of it. I was wrong; the next half hour found me back in the bathroom two more times. Getting up so often was making me dizzy and I made a pillow of towels and slept there for awhile. Good thing I did.....

I do goofy things and have goofy thoughts when I'm sick. I would never think of cleaning the bathroom, the toilet in particular, without wearing my rubber gloves; when I'm sick, i.e., puking my guts out, the toilet is my friend. That big bear hug I reserve for those closest to me belongs exclusively to my porcelain buddy. Sitting there on the floor with my head practically consumed by a toilet I have an odd sense of comfort knowing that if I don't choke, I'll be feeling better any moment. I have never choked and always feel better.

Back in bed my uncovered foot and arm are giving me the chills. I pull the sheet up to my chin and feel warm immediately. The problem is now I'm too warm; this goes on for awhile until sleep returns. I'm awake again and I find myself hugging the toilet. I don't know if I'll make it; it's all I can do to get back to bed. I'm concerned that the sheet will get pulled over my head. I am reassured by my daught (sic) that I will be ok and as usual I'm being "so dramatic". I guess crawling down the hall to her room at 6:00 this morning and weakly calling out her name for help may have had something to do with the dramatic comment. Cut me some slack here, I never get sick, don't know how to deal with it. She patted me on the head as she was kindly on her way to the store for some over-the -counter meds and reminded me not to touch anything on her bed.

I awoke forty minutes later in my own bed, (how did I get there?) I found some saltines and a glass of water waiting for me. Stale saltines don't taste all that bad. I must be on the road to recovery or still too weak to change the channel; I'm not feeling a bit nauseous watching Bobby Flay whip up some gooey barbeque on The Food Channel.