Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Call Me On the Texting Machine

Although typing doesn't make me fall asleep at my desk, I sometimes will type words in my head to help me fall asleep. It's kind of like typing with your eyes, but they have to be closed.
After all this time I have just noticed that the left hand has most of the letters on the keyboard; and they are the quality letters, you've got your a, e, r, s, and t. Most of those are "freebies" in the bonus round on Wheel of Fortune. Unless you use a lot of punctuation, I think the right hand is getting off easy. How often are brackets really used? Maybe an apostrophe, here and there. Quotations, sometimes. If you're not asking a lot of questions for those question marks, should you use two just for the fun of it??
"Back in the day" email used to be grammatically correct. As it has become the more common form of communication during a day, punctuation has fallen by the wayside. I really believe some young people don't even know what how to use a comma or period. The shift key is practically useless since capitalization has lost its appeal, even for names.

It seems just about everyone is using their cellphone to text. I guess as a parent I shouldn't complain, at least kids are reading and writing again. I have always considered a phone a device to use to talk to people recently I have stumbled over my own words and referred to it as a texting machine.

I personally don't text, but I do receive texts. Some of the lingo I know or can pretty much figure out: brb "be right back" , lol "laugh out loud", omg "oh my god", but it took me a minute to compute np "no problem". I was stumped when I saw nvm "never mind", ttyl, "talk to you later" should not be confused with ttly "totally", ik and jk "I know" and "just kidding" had me stumped.

I wanted to be in the loop so I went to an expert, the daughter. She gave me a tutorial in texting and here's what I learned?

hey 'sup nm...u? hw... super boring o tht sux ik... i h8 it

Now in English:
Hey, what's up? Not much, You? Homework, it's super boring Oh that's sucks I know I hate it

I am getting used to these shortcuts; so much so I've caught myself in text-talk. My coworkers look at me in confusion when I've thrown in an "Omg!" or "idk" "I don't know"

I suppose in the future the need for vowels, capital letters, and punctuation will all be a thing of the past, but then again so will I. Until then, adbb :) That would be "all done, bye bye" :) or (smile)