Tuesday, June 1, 2010

School's Almost Out for Summer!

I'm so glad school is almost over for the year. I've been asked to help "study" for the last time. I don't know about other parents but at this stage in the game I don't want to "study", but I do. I'd like to share my rather unorthodox ways of getting the correct answers.

First I try by making up a question using the whole statement but omitting one word. For example: Trees have green leaves. My question would be: Trees have green.....? I'm not that good making up questions, too much reading so I have other ways to get the answers out.

My next tactic is to begin to spell out the first word, than the second and third.... when that fails there is the slow, gentle whisper of the first syl.... then second la.... and finally the last ....ble of the answer. That usually works so the next move is rhyming words, and my favorite, charades! This is when I begin to enjoy helping out.

The buzz of her texting machine drew a "don't you dare " look from me. And I continued to coax answers.

We were muddling through the seven deadly sins. I'm making acronyms for another list and continuing with the charades. We were having too much fun, when I admitted that I thought I would be great in a game of charades. She agreed, but added, only if I was playing by myself and in front of a mirror. I think disrespect should have been on that sin list.

I was off the hook when the phone buzzed again and she went to a friend's to study chemistry.

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  1. My 4 are all grown and out of the house now (well, one's coming back to live with me in a few weeks, post college), so I can relate! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I followed your link and read your post on cleaning the junk drawers, and I enjoyed it very much. I like your blog and I look forward to reading more!